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The dog hip hair finishing steps

by:Lingyu     2020-04-22
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Below small make up to introduce the dog hair hip finishing steps, I hope it can help you! Dog hair finishing hip: before pruning to pet the dog dog hip, should use bath dew first wash hair is stained with dirt, and due to dirt and hard hair knot untied, identify where the cut, which place should not be cut, and then carefully trimmed. In order to ensure the safety of the dog, oh, attention should choose small, easy to use sharp scissors to cut. Dogs will exist conflict situation, so in order to ensure the dogs don't touch, you can talk to it gently while nursing. Specific steps are as follows: 1, cut off the hair around anus like long-haired breeds, such as the hair around anus is very thick, to prevent fecal contamination to the above, it is best to cut short. The tail tucked up, and put the dog's body, with a small scissors to cut off the hair around anus, centered around the anus, a radius of 2 ~ 3 cm cut into a circle. 2, have to confirm the position of the anus of anus skin is very soft, injuries are more easily, never before have locate anus cut casually, otherwise it will cause serious damage to his dog, so it is very important to make sure good the position of the anus.
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