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The dog's face clean care tips

by:Lingyu     2020-04-22
Summer arrived, the dog dog also is slightly more frequently than in the winter, my dear parents, when to bathe the dog, also cannot ignore the dog dog facial cleanness. Today, small make up to my dear parents to introduce a dog nose, ears and eyes of cleaning method. Dogs face clean care tips to normal nose nose color should be black with a slightly damp, if not, may have a fever, runny nose cold. If the nose has purulent secretion, may have severe pneumonia or infectious disease! Consult a doctor as soon as possible. 2. Near the eyes eyes secretions too much, if any, mostly because of hair, the stimulation of foreign matter such as dust or lacrimal gland jam or eyelash stood, more careful. Especially some breed congenital eyes are too big or too small, the already susceptible to eye disease. If discharge time, can wash with physiological saline. If can not control, will be to go to a doctor. 3. The appropriate ear ear often ( Every two to three days) Clean ( A digging earwax) , check the presence of inflamed or black, sebum secretions. These symptoms may be warning signs of chronic ear. The dog face clean care tips 1. With a dip in the warm water cotton wet towel to wipe the face skin; 2. According to wipe in the same direction and the direction of hair growth all over your face, when necessary to replace the cotton wipes; 3. According to the smooth dry each fold area; 4. In cleaning fold zone, if found to have inflamed phenomenon should be record and report; 5. Check the rest of the facial area for parasites, fleas, or other skin lesions. Pet dog 'face' is very important, as the dog dog mom dad must give babies do daily care oh, make the dog a pretty face to go out with you every day!
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