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The five skills of beauty than the bear dog

by:Lingyu     2020-04-26
Than bear dogs ( French: Bichon Frise, means 'white hair with a pet dog') Native to the Mediterranean region, is a small dog breed. Below small make up to introduce the five skills of beauty than the bear dog, welcome! The five skills of beauty than the bear dog than bear dog beauty as a first step: comb comb first, than the bear's hair comb only good, can put dirty things comb, into the next phase of hair washing and cleaning. 1, bear than dogs in a suitable location, such as desk, dresser, then brush with the needle from the hindquarters body forward in opposite direction slowly comb; 2, order from head to tail comb, basic can be more than three times. Two, than bear dog beauty step 2: after cleaning to comb than bear, can clean than the bear's ear and nails. 1, will the pet bath squeeze out a little diluted, water temperature control in 35 ° - 38 °, and then use the thumb and index finger gently squeeze than bear anal gland, clean the anus gland effect; 2, when you take a shower, should first wet forequarters and back flushing. Then daub bath using dilute the head and body, towards the back, abdomen, and extremities along the head gently knead, don't let bath flow into eyes; 3, after rubbing, water will be than bear body cleaning dot and conditioner that re-moisturizes, then rinse thoroughly. Three, than bear dog beauty step 2:1, encase with towel the body, move to the stage dry moisture; 2, dry residual moisture with blower, starting from the head, side brush, to comb straight every part, bit by bit until completely dry hair roots; 3, after blowing comb with straight line to the whole body hair comb again and again to see whether there is a knot or blowing straight hair. Four, than bear dog beauty step 4: shaving 1, four feet, only to MATS heel, cut the foot to thumb and forefinger to the soles of your feet apart, MAO will be careful during nap cut off; 2, cut Lana. 3, the tail root to anal part cut into a 'V' word. Five, the dog than bear beauty step 5:1, shearing first catch than bear steps lines. Round, we won't see nails and feet. Level 2 lines, back: the back line, cut to the elbow in front of the vertical upwards slightly a bit after the location of the extension cord ( The shoulder blade slightly later) 。 Forequarters and hindquarters for straight line. 3, than bear catch at the back of the line, clip the comparison of hyperbole, from the tail root to sit strands are cut into a circular arc. If dogs for their short limb while pruning to sit up segment, to make up the defects. 4, the hindquarters line, from the inside hind leg cut first, in a straight line. The inside hind legs, cut to the direction of the instep, slash. The length of the legs is determined by the length of the feet on the ground, cut the following up. Hock department as a straight line. 5, the waist abdomen: than bear no waist line, from the front after the same length. Abdominal line close to the level of diagonal lines, chest cannot under former cubits. 6, sternum to the outer thighs for linear, front leg medial is a straight line. The legs and waist abdomen natural, front legs back to straight line, but should naturally inclined. Length of throat section to the sternum should be straight, slightly shorter, because the emphasis on the head, so the chest don't emphasize on the shoulder blades to the wrist, while pruning slightly radians. 7, head clip: the hair comb back of the head, the whole cut round head, nose is the center of the head, centered on nasal shearing. At the ends of the cutting face, the nose Mao Yong hand pressure, level, between the two eye head hair is hierarchically, V cut one layer, each layer a layer of slightly longer than before, and eye end range 0. 6 - 0. 3CM。 Starting from the throat cut into horizontal line, looked down from the top see only head. 8, decoration as a whole.
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