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The introduction of hairdressing tools scissors

by:Lingyu     2020-04-14
Scissors are an important and indispensable tool in the pet beautician pruning work. Scissors can say is part of the pet beautician fingers, it is necessary to make delicate adjustment tool. Scissors this tool looks be like simple structure, operation method is different, actually quick blunt knife also has difference, this and daily clip on maintenance work. Scissors name each part 1. Live on 2. Blade 3. Screw 4. Blade 5. Ring handle 6. The ring hole 7. The little finger hook 8. Contact 9. The thumb handle 10. The thumb hole 11. Contact 12. 13 moving blade. Static blade 14. The roots of 15. 16 in central. Apex of 17. Blade length 1. Camber is referring to the longitudinal bending along the blade. When the blade camber decided to cut off the moment of static blade and moving blade force uniform. The right amount of camber will ensure from blade root to tip form even to cut off the power, so is very important. 2. The distortion refers to the blade of the scissors according to the direction of the side of the blade was twisted Angle. Blade twisting degree important role is to make static blade and moving blade smaller contact area as much as possible, so as to focus on cutting force. If the camber and the distortion is not enough, will cause the dog can't cut, MAO was sandwiched between two edges, causing the work efficiency is reduced. If bending and distortion through strong, will cause scissors in the open and close operation becomes heavy, and accelerate the abrasion of the blade. 3. Space refers to between dynamic and static blade blade scissors trailer. Gap with the blade bending together to work, have important influence to the operation of the scissors. Gap among various kinds of modified scissors, on the basis of a millimeter. Gap bad scissors will lead to dog hair cannot cut was sandwiched between two edges, causing leakage happens. 4. Gaddiel the blade of the scissors blade to blade from the medial called gaddiel the sag. Through gaddiel, will make two edges contact efficiency, make the blade grinding easier. 5. Blunt scissors quick test method to prepare some paper towels soaked. Fixed blade, place your wet paper towels in the above, and the static slowly closing on blade, on the basis if you can cut the paper towel. Moreover, in the process of combing combed down ghost MAO also test material for the fast is blunt. Cut the special strength, like what to pry force on the blade, waste shall be cut off, don't sharp scissors. Use the scissors, it is also one of the causes of wrist tenosynovitis. So the daily regulating mess with neglect of scissors. Only the blade is free to open and close the case. When the scissors is adjusted for special cut with scissors, should no longer be used for other purposes.
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