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The introduction of pet grooming tools and use

by:Lingyu     2020-05-04
1. The use of drying oven drying box can let a beautician to rest, in addition it is also safe, save electricity, convenient, the function of ultraviolet ray also can give me beauty tools disinfection, but is not suitable for thick wool quantity such as chow chow, senior dogs, have a heart attack dog should also be careful. Operation: drying oven is in use should be preheated before 5 - 10 minutes, set the temperature 45 ℃ in winter, summer at about 40 ℃. At the same time, also should pay attention to when put the dog dog, into the dog quickly after insert the door of the drying box is good, also prevent the dog from running out. 2. Blow water machine ordinary water machine for large dogs and dog hair thick to use, its role is to get rid of the water dogs is not easy to dry. Features: blowing machine noise, air volume is strong, can water from hair. Divided into normal and frequency ( Hot and cold wind) And the vertical, double tube type. Operation: holding duct when using matters, as far as possible to close to the dog's skin, from the hair root to water out, so can reach eighty percent, dry is convenient for beautician operation later. 3. . Hair pet hair dryer is a must-have blow drying equipment, both large dogs and small dogs are applicable, hair dryer can be divided into binocular and monocular blower blower, are generally not with binocular blower, binocular blower has eight gear adjustment, wind is bigger, the area is very wide also, blowing by and blown by the wind is very uniform, is very suitable for pet blow dry hair, single pipe blower is not professional, because the wind hot and concentration, and the hair blowing. 4. Vertical hair pet pet hair dryer. This hair pet pet hair dryer wind is very big, it will make the beautician to for dog brush or do other things. 5. Beauty ( 1) Ideal beauty should be stable and strong, the bottom of the equipment to smooth, don't use rickety table, otherwise the dog will feel fear. ( 2) Mesa to have prevent slippery waterproof desktop, in order to prevent the dog slid down from the stage. Used to fix the pet stent wants firm, able to withstand the pull of the dog. L support general metal rod. ( 3) Beauty machine height should be based on the user feel comfortable, not for the users to bend to bend back on dogs. The beauty of the type of hydraulic type and ordinary.
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