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The most correct way to bath poodle

by:Lingyu     2020-03-27
Poodles dense curly is the place where the most easy to shelter evil people and practices, if don't shower on a regular basis will not only produce odor, also easy to long parasites, skin disease. But if you are not the right way to take a shower might be a poodle rejected psychology, go against health, only the right way, can make a poodle more comfortable and healthy. Here is to share the poodle bathing the right way, for your reference, welcome to browse! A bathe poodle, comfortable temperature, water temperature is very important. For poodle, too hot or too cold temperature will give it uncomfortable stimulation, and then let the poodle from resistance to bathe in this matter, the most comfortable temperature is lukewarm. So how do we know how the water temperature is suitable? Can test the temperature with your arms, because the skin is sensitive to temperature. Second, comb hair gently after helped poodle to blow dry hair, also want to help it combed wool, if found poodle hair knot, or have hair bulb, best to ask professional beautician processing, avulsion don't their own hard agglomeration, such not only can hurt poodle, also can hurt their skin! Three, not suitable for lotion don't casually use human shower gel or shampoo to bathe the poodle! Because the skin of the poodle and the human is different ph, using human lotion may be the cause of their dry skin. Choice of the poodle lotion, also want for their skin conditions, love it the best for it. Four, soap, is not easy to clean up the dirt some owners would choose soap to bathe poodle, but soap can not thoroughly clean skin dirt and grease. If you want to use soap, you must carefully rub every part of the poodle body, and make soap bubbles stay poodle body wash it again some time, so as to completely wash away dirt. Five, reduce hair blowing time most of the poodle don't like the noise of the blower, so use a blow pet hair dryer can minimize the time is the best! Owners can get many strong absorbent towels, in blow dry with towel blot moisture, as much as possible before the best to the extent of the dry absorption, so it can greatly reduce the using time of blower! Actually not difficult to bathe the dog, hope each master to master these methods mentioned above, to open the right way to take a bath, to bring the dog brand-new life quality, also let poodle body has been healthy.
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