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The pet brush of pet grooming tools necessary

by:Lingyu     2020-05-15
Actually and pet grooming combs the division of labor is different, the major function of the pet brush besides fast combing coat also can promote the metabolism of hair, increase surface gloss. The long-haired dog, pet brush can comb quick daily maintenance; For short hair dogs, pets can brush massage skin. According to the shape classification can be divided into: round, square, oval, with handle, sessile, etc. , according to the material can be divided into: metal needle type: half spherical rubber sheet is filled with air, combing the needlepoint retractile, pet beautician necessary, especially often need to hair care of dogs were hair comb, and blow dry, scattered hair. Animal hair type: short-haired dog skin massage, long-haired dog, oiling when fit, is very flexible, never hurt hair. Nylon hair type: usage with animal hair type, the price is low, it's a pity that will produce electrostatic, causes the hair tangles, but suitable for use in the shower. Rubber type: in the shower or the short hair dogs remove dead hair. Gloves: remove the bottom let hair (the area around Outside MAO) Lighten up. Good brush need to meet the following conditions: metal needles should be stretch, elastic moderate, not easy shortening ( Through the bottom should be labeled with rubber needle preshrunk cloth) , want to have rounded tip, wrap or wood as well, animal hair type material to bristle ( Hardness, elasticity is best) As well.
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