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The pet dog daily beauty care products

by:Lingyu     2020-05-18
Pet's daily care needs to pet your nails, grooming, bathing with pet special shampoo is good, keep combing one to two times a day, comb to die knot hair and hair from hair. A, pet nail clippers nails are too long not only can Pierce toe in the meat, which causes the difficulty in walking; Also easy to hurt. So your nails on a regular basis is very important. And one more thing is if the nail is too long will affect their body shape for their future growth is bad, but to note, pet nail and not the same, in their nails have nerves and blood vessels, so when using this tool must seeing much in advance, use hand to feel, otherwise if cut to their sensitive areas, but very painful for them, the parents more careful, her baby a less pain. Second, the straight comb thick stainless steel ruler, both sides of the comb density is different, can satisfy the needs of different hair. Why to comb with straight line, this is for the better in the usual time for pets all hair, in the life, can't give them a bath every day, so hair will have bad effect on them so will use this in peacetime to pet comb, don't ignore your baby because work busy combing, this often comb on the one hand can prevent maomao drive stick, on the one hand can play the role of massage. Three, open knot knife when dogs or cats hair knot phenomenon occurs, should be the first to use a knife combing. This item is suitable for dredging xiaomao ball. Use like ordinary comb, comb will open knot blade in the direction of the movement, using the wave blade open knot. Want to use this time must be the baby's body appeared different degree of hair knot, this is the daily nursing evidence of not doing, if parents bought this will reflect on the well, use this on the pet itself will more or less pain, so must be careful when in use, they ached might resist, but must insist, or hair knot will more and more large, not by that time. Above is a few is the pet nurse daily use tools, to want to don't make do with dedicated pet grooming, otherwise may hurt the pet.
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