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The pet grooming combs of pet grooming tools necessary

by:Lingyu     2020-05-14
Pet grooming combs's function is to coat the comb, choice of loose and cut off with scissors action. Comb long, short, thick, thin also has different purposes, the material is given priority to with metal products, in addition to the durable, to prevent static electricity is one of the problems that should be considered. Common and must have the following two. Standard comb: total length of 7. 5 inches, needle length 1. 5 '( The 20097 series) , spares and dense, suitable for all types of hair comb. Flea comb: small, densely toothed ( The 20077 series) The fleas, ticks, used to remove hair, or clean up the scale of tears at the moment. Good beauty comb need to satisfy the following conditions: material is hard, not easy bending deformation; Good surface finishes ( Plating) , is not easy to fall off; Tip has thought processing into meticulous rounded corners, do not have card phenomenon; Weight average sparse, dense, central point. A good pet grooming combs feel is good and quality is good, durable is the characteristic of the big.
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