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The pet grooming scissors of pet grooming tools necessary

by:Lingyu     2020-03-26
Whether pet stores or at home to a pet grooming, pet grooming scissors are indispensable 'beautiful weapon'. Beauty the major function of the shear is cut off coat and modification. Pet grooming can make up for the electricity cut cut only in accordance with the original structure, the modelling of a flat, use it with clever technology, can make the three-dimensional coat, and can according to the breed standard, complement each other, YinEYangShan, especially the details of the modification is more need to use hairdressing scissors. Types: short, long, curved, each have each use, the following four introduces commonly used. 7 'direct shear - — Various modifications, carved, cut off all applicable; Length is also suitable for the east.>>> 5 'direct shear - — Detail trim is used, such as ear hair, tactile, lip liner, a foot and claw MAO MAO, etc. 7 inch curved scissors - — Suitable for arc shape, such as wool, abdomen waist, tail ball, bracelets and so on, skilled operation can save a lot of operation time. Teeth cut ( A thin scissors) — — Can make a lot of hair be cut off, but in appearance, but won't appear too obvious jagged traces. Good hairdressing scissors need to satisfy the following conditions: the hand feels comfortable. Double synthetic standard horizontal line. The tip without acute Angle ( Need to have radian or rounded corners) 。 The steel is good. It is important to remind you that the price is proportional to the quality. But it is a good pair of scissors resistance shall not fall, maintenance of good or bad will directly affect the service life.
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