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The pet hair dryer of pet grooming tools necessary

by:Lingyu     2020-05-04
Give the dog a bath after hair blow dry is very necessary, because the dog's coat humans are much more thick, and is divided into layers, or by natural air drying alone is not able to. Pet hair pet pet dryer' target='_blank'>hair dryer can solve the problem of hair drier, at the same time can also be used as a integer ( Straighten) 。 In order to accelerate the drying, can use pet special large blower, its design is a big air volume, Quick dry) Low thermal ( Pet on the thermal endurance degree is lower than humans) , but because of high prices, only applies to the professional pet grooming worker, average household pets don't have to. The types of pet pet hair dryer: desktop: on the worktable, can adjust the position of wind; Low price, it's a pity that takes up space, is rarely used in China. Vertical: a pulley tripod, can move around, outlet can be adjusted to 360 °, moderate price, is widely used. Wall-mountable: fixed to the wall, a movable bracket ( High and low around 45 ° 180 °) Does not occupy a space; It's a pity that is expensive. Good hair pet pet hair dryer need to meet the following conditions: the durability of the motor; Heat, air volume can be adjusted; Outlet height adjustable; Absorb clean easily.
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