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The point of winter dog hair care

by:Lingyu     2020-05-25
For the dog coat is one of the important weapon in the cold weather. Below small make up to introduce the main points of the winter dog hair care, I hope it can help you! 1, first determine the dog grooming time. Short hair dogs usually need to comb 2 - a week Three times, comb long-haired dog, need every day. Comb 2 - every time 3 minutes to make it clean. 2, want to choose the right tools for dog grooming. Long-haired dog, need to use serrated combs, take long to comb easily remove the dog's death. There are different kinds of comb suitable for different breeds of dogs, you may consult the vet or beautician which comb for your dog. Choose a suitable comb can achieve twice the result with half the effort. 3, for the convenience of comb, please let your dog standing or lying on the table, and a rubber mat mat below. 4, if your dog does not refuse, can blow with blower when began to comb the dog's coat, please pay attention to not use the cold wind. 5, gently comb adhesion or block coat, needed to start from the end of the adhesion together hair comb, clean up before you to clean the dog coat glued together, because after washing the dog's coat becomes very difficult to comb, and also not easy to get a thorough clean. 6, when all the adhesion of coat were combing, can thoroughly comb brush coat that is all. This will help some dog body relax and remove dead skin. Long-haired dog grooming direction must be from the hair root, outward from the dog's head in the direction of the tail comb 7, if the reverse comb might stimulate some dog's skin, make them uncomfortable. Therefore combed down coat long direction is the best way, especially the long-haired dog, more attention should be paid to. 8, the dog dog hair removal is very normal things, according to the above method can not only help it cleared off coat, also can stimulate the skin's blood circulation, make the hair more smooth and bright, avoid hair day cold and dry.
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