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The Pomeranian beauty step

by:Lingyu     2020-05-10
Pomeranian appearance beautiful, thick hair, soft body. The steps below small make up to introduce the Pomeranian beauty, I hope it can help you! Brush: it's for love dog brush with the brush coat, it can go to dog brush the death of the hair and the hair knot, make hair smooth, clean and shiny. Have fall off a lot of check items: coat, have skin disease, inflammation, sores comb, brush steps finished, comb with the comb the hair, because after brush will have summary the ball, so you have to do full combed with comb. Clean: (ears pierced Pull the ear hair, wash ears to prevent wet ear, ear infections, ear mites) Ears also want to clean up cotton buds; Too long to clean up can produce peculiar smell and cause inflammation. Check items: wet ear, ear, ear mites, eyes the tears of line and gum is the main reason that facial hair become dark brown, so in addition to the daily nap, the meeting when bathing in the beauty has a special treatment. Nails: fingernails trimmed every 15 days time, such as nails are too long step will affect the dog let beautiful, nails are too long will Pierce the toe flesh, which causes the difficulty in walking, beauty when this step is also very important. Your nails and hair cut foot ( Anti-slip, inflammation between toes) Hair cut belly bottom, near the anus, ( When the toilet clean) Whether the inspection items: toenail. cause meat in the bath, anal gland: ( Anal gland JiJiu prone to inflammation) Check items: the anus presence of inflammation ( The Pomeranian by itself and no body odor, as long as clean at ordinary times, diligent about comb, don't have to always take a bath, each 1 - February wash. Must pay attention to while taking a bath scouring agent don't get in the eye, when washing bath scouring agent is first put the dog's body, the neck, and then the body, tail, legs, and finally wash the head, hand shower must shun hair gently press the touch, rinse with warm water, then wash with scouring agent, repeat twice, rinse off with warm water) Blow dry, combing: with water after washes the bath towel blot, the water and then with bellows or hair pet pet hair dryer blow dry hair. ( The other eye with a dry cloth to wipe dry eye drops after point, inside the ears with cotton buds clean bath work is completed. ) Clip style: this is the last step, refers to give the dog a general trimming. Every breed of dog clip into what kind of modelling is to have cultured.
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