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The Pomeranian pruning method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-24
Pomeranian appearance beautiful, thick hair, soft body. Below small make up to introduce the Pomeranian pruning method, I hope it can help you! Ear clip: cut the ear of the key is to make the whole ears look small and slightly triangular elegant form. First with your thumb and index finger grip the ear, and will cover the ear with fingertips and redundant hair cut, Such as shown) In shape by above horizontal cut a knife, and then a knife cut on each side, mainly make the dome part of the ear and head hair into a parallel, make two ears look small and hidden in the head of hair. ( Shearing is the focus of the head, the facial contour cut into round, back into round. Another important thing is clip the outline of the ear, a jealous to cut it off, let the furry ears stand clear. Refer to bear toy head type. ) Neck and body clip: will a long neck to head comb, comb the hair thinner, coupled with the head down the head in a semicircle with scissors, comb with the comb and then qi, so one layer of clip, the whole body into a round ball, very natural, and not fall scar. Breast clip: the focus of the chest clip to make whole chest broad and wide, fluffy and generous. Chest hair trimmed first will good chest hair comb, hair out, leaving a thin layer, the tips and will not clog the clip JiCheng semicircle, then one layer shear under the comb of qi, the whole chest hair since ear into beautiful oval. ( Then to shave off the thick collar, chin to the chest hair, as far as possible let neck, such not only can show more big, round, another benefit is to give the dog wear clothes with collar, no maomao clothes will look nice when they're the type of (2). Thick scarf to remove dash of colour to the neck will show later, so you have to take a little scarf for dogs or small pinny, you look handsome not just why it's okay with it, with pinny this but 'good dielectric rocks' key. ) Tail and second half body clip: the focus of the tail clip to make the starting point of the tail looks more close to the back, and scallop on her back, with tail hair can back up the joint head is preferred. Mainly the tail root redundant Mao Xiu away, and will vary in the end of long hair, hsiu-chi, and on the back near the tail hair to be a bit thin, make the tail back to break. ( Under the coat and belly to cut short, must level off, hair-clippers will be flat. ) The focus of the limbs clip: forelimb clip to make forelimbs looks long and straight. Leg medial hock part of the hair after a knife cut, they form a straight line up, MAO also want to clip the bottom of your feet clean. Hair between the toes to fix the tidy, make the light foot looks like cat foot. And hind legs like arms will also want to take the bottom of your feet clean, and the hair between the toes to fix and tidy, hair into a straight line, the foot to the knee joints to make legs look straight and strong. ( If U. S. and commanding, probably its limbs or scud, so try to put the leg in the FeiMao trim off into a delicate fiber thin legs. ) Clip: hip hip situation for the spherical shape has the absolute influence, so it is very important. Near the anus of hair, for reasons you want to take a few short, clean and hind legs above the hips hair clip, the hind legs of the hock on by hand through her hair, leaving a thin layer and the area around the joints of the hind legs parallel cut qi, and then to the length of the subject, one layer shear under the comb of qi, the shear blade to cut, and to avoid uneven, the whole hip into elegant oval.
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