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The Pomeranian small hairdressing method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-23
Pomeranian appearance beautiful, thick hair, soft body. Below small make up to introduce the Pomeranian hairdressing method, I hope it can help you! Pomeranian clip order: ears, arms, legs and tail, as a whole. Pomeranian family makeup should be given priority to with straight cut, cut teeth is complementary, the game stage makeup is cut teeth is given priority to, direct shear is complementary. And stage makeup need to cut beard, family makeup can be retained or according to request of the master to cut away the beard. 【 Ear. Thumb and index finger grip the ear the upper edge of the ear meat, expose to trim parts, flat cut one knife, with sleek form again to remove the sharp edges on both sides of the. The parallel lines and form no edges and corners. Be careful not to cut to the ear. 【 Limb 】 1. Trimming limbs first, then extends to the limbs, the foot department to make up the cat's foot. 2. Toe part: hand hold the toes, nails, with a small straight shear Angle one knife around each hair trim off around the toenails. Toes feet above the part of the arc area with teeth cut smooth, pay attention to the fore front should make up the cat's foot, in accordance with the bone thickness moderate pruning. 3. Feet: need tooth cutting arc shape clip, fix the suitable, smooth connection with his toes. 4. Legs: below the front leg back meat pad began to feet and toes with comb hair will be high, according to the circular arc clip into a cylinder. Hind legs was initiated by the hind legs below the hock connected with the feet, toes, still way according to the arc shape clip into a cylindrical shape. Fly above the section cut into a circular arc. 5. Limbs, both based on principles of round straight cut. Legs according to body size, short stay fresh adjust the thickness of the legs. 【 The tail 】 1. The first clip tail, cut down the anus with his teeth, a top 45 degree Angle close to end at the base of scissors shall not exceed the width of the tail, on the side and back extension cord in accordance with the size clip. Family makeup tail clip has no fixed form, fan-shaped, half moon. Stage makeup required tail trim for the fan, and end the handover is preferred. 2. Fan: tail to head straight, open tail hair in back into the sector. 3. Tail length standard: when standing naturally, raised his head Angle when appropriate, tail hair need to be able to hit the top of the head.
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