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The professional pet grooming steps

by:Lingyu     2020-05-12
For pet beauty, want to have a high sense of responsibility, love and patience, below is a small share of professional pet grooming steps, let's take a look at. Brush this is the first step, pet grooming tools: needle comb, and had better use stainless steel and a soft needle comb. Use a needle to comb the benefits of the brush is not easy to comb hair. Purpose: to brush away the death of the dog hair and the hair knot, make its fur looks smooth clean luster. Methods: from the feet, from top to bottom, to the end, and it is important to note that should against hair comb, and then arrange the hair, because it can solve most of the junction. Grooming tools: steel comb, comb, also called beauty, steel comb, the characteristics of the comb is divided into two sides width. Objective: to comb combing needle cannot comb drive xiaomao bear. Because if in the bath before put the dog dog to comb the hair knot thoroughly, then, in the bath after the knot is more difficult to comb through. Method: first use broadly scattered teeth of a comb, it can further solution section, but with a little bit small, will be too easy to broken hair. After the comb, comb with narrow side teeth straight again can. Take a shower after do some preparation work in front of, can a bath for dogs, for the cycle to bathe the dog, to bureau of the type and the length of the hair of the dog, generally long-haired dog, usually once a week to wash bath, and short-haired dog is half a month that it is better to take a shower. Must pay attention to when to give the dog a bath water temperature control, and even in the winter temperature also shoulds not be too high, the water temperature control in 35 - in general - - - - - - 45 degrees, in the winter can be appropriately raise the temperature. When bathing, should prevent water into the dog's ears, or it will cause the disease of the ear. For clear eyes and ears of the dog's eyes and ears the most susceptible to disease, so should be set to the dog's eyes and ears clean regularly, in order to prevent the happening of the disease. General cleaning ears of method is: use ear powder and first in your ear, hemostatic forceps pull the ear hair, be careful not to task of dogs. Then use wash ear fluid) on the cotton swabs or a drop in your ear, to clean the inside and outside of the ear. For the eye care is simple, as long as we regularly drop some eye drops can prevent the formation of ocular diseases. If lachrymal heavier, you will need to eye special drugs. After drying to the dog out of the shower, with strong water imbibition towel on the dog more than moisture blot, then blow dry hair. Don't too hot and too concentrated to blow blow drying, so it can burn the skin. And also could grooming while blowing when blowing, 'called' nap ', boasted such natural and fluffy hair beautiful. Nail repair dog nails are too long will make its walking difficult, at the same time can cause due to deformation of bone and start to pose some problems such as not beautiful. Even sometimes due to the long nails stab into the floor mat, make its walking difficult. So for the dog's nails. We must be trimmed regularly. Timely repair of the nails is simpler, just beside along the blood vessels can be cut, not cut it too hard, because it will be very easy to hurt it, generally not to cut into the blood vessels for the principle. In general, and the best habit since childhood every 2 - Cut a 3 week as the standard, so that you can avoid because of the blood vessel is too long, and make the toenail is too coarse. Based hair clip is mainly aimed at places usually easy to neglect the hair clip. MAO: the bottom of your feet if foot hair don't shave, pet running indoors, easy to sliding, easy to fall in one session. Belly of MAO: the abdomen and legs long hair can affect walking or easy dirty. Around the anus MAO: if a bottom hair is too long will affect bowel movement, but also can make the waste of adhesion.
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