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The right approach to bathe a collie

by:Lingyu     2020-03-29
Guide language: in the process of raising a pet dog, owners do not need to frequently give dog a bath. Because the dog body surface can produce a layer of oil, to protect the dog skin from outside of the bacteria and disturb, if frequent bathing will destroy this layer of natural protective barriers, lead to a dog's body surface exposed, are more susceptible to bacterial virus damage. Below let small make up to you to introduce the correct way to bathe the collie, you go to see ~ collie, but it is not a difficult task to bathe the collie, as long as the master will do foot bath preparations, in the process of bath to master the specific methods and techniques, can be smoothly to bathe the dog to complete the work. First of all, to Sue MuQuan shower bath should prepare the necessary tools, such as: wash tub, towel, wash Mao Lou, comb, pet hair dryer, etc. Before washing the Sue MuQuan must first comb dog's hair, the hair comb is smooth, also facilitate the dog a bath beauty. For Sue MuQuan bath water temperature cannot too high or too low, can Sue MuQuan before washing a paw in the water and let it feel the water temperature, if a dog will not reject it means the water temperature is reasonable, so also can begin to Sue a bath MuQuan. Get wet in the shower, first the dog's body, then wash Mao Lou in play, after the owner can use both hands gently rub your pet dog's entire body, when rubbing swimming carefully rub your dog every part of the body, especially the pet dog legs, toes, butt, tail to knead in areas such as clean. Waiting for the whole body rub to end, can clean with clear water dog's whole body, will bubble clean can. To Sue MuQuan was in the shower, be careful not to water up to the dog's eyes and ears, lest cause the dog body unwell. At the same time, after to Sue MuQuan washing the whole body. Will water to wipe dry with a towel, and then use hair pet pet hair dryer to dog wet hair is completely dry, to prevent the collie, catch a cold is ill. Actually to bathe a collie, no fixed time limit, because according to the dog dog living environment and physical activity factors such as different, dog take a shower of the time period will also be different. Generally when the owner found that pet Sue MuQuan hair tresses, non-greasy, said it was time I gave the dog a bath.
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