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The right approach to bathe a saint Bernard

by:Lingyu     2020-04-01
Guide language: to bathe the dog is one of the most important work in pet grooming. In general, need not frequent to bathe the dog, as long as according to the dog's own level to determine the dog a bath clean can. Below let small make up to you to introduce the correct way to bathe the saint Bernard, you go to see ~ SAN before to bathe the dog, should first must not good bath necessary tools. For example: scissors, a comb, wash tub, towel, wash Mao Lou, hair pet pet hair dryer, etc. Before washing the saint Bernard, the host should give the dog dog grooming, the saint Bernard's entire body after comb hair soft, at the beginning give dog a bath. At the same time, the cleaning of saint Bernard use Mao Lou had better be more doggy, instead of the wash of users or other pets Mao Lou to replace. The bath for a dog, don't be too high nor too low, generally with the dog's body temperature to keep balance, or high point. Before the formal to take a bath, can put the saint Bernard's claws on the bath water, if a dog will not reject you can begin to give the dog a bath. If the saint Bernard quickly retracted, it does not, then it will accept a bath water temperature owners should do further debugging. Formal to bathe a saint Bernard, first should be the body of water will be the dog get wet, then wash Mao Lou in play, master hands gently rub your dog the whole body, rub every part of the body is finished, after clean, master can clean with clear water the dog's body. While to the saint Bernard was in the shower, the host should also be careful, don't put the bath foam and get the dog's eyes and ears, lest cause the dog body uncomfortable. To saint Bernard of the shower, wash clean, the owner can will the dog body of water with a towel to wipe dry, and then use hair pet hair dryer will dog wet hair is completely dry, in order to prevent the dog catch a cold catch a cold. At the time of blowing, the owner can comb dog body hair again, not only the hair dry fast, at the same time also can promote the dog body blood circulation, let the dog's hair in the process of finishing become more smooth and straight.
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