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The saint Bernard's beauty knowledge

by:Lingyu     2020-05-09
Guide language: no matter which breed of dog breeding, and in order to make it beautiful, and unique, give the dog dog beauty of work is necessary. In the market, there are a lot of professional pet dog beauty shop center, and some experience in breeding of pet owners will give the dog dog beauty. Below let small make up to you to introduce saint Bernard beauty knowledge, you go to see ~ saint Bernard saint Bernard live mainly in cold region, their body is covered with long hair slightly undulate. Often because of hair, so easier to dirt. For producers to every day for this pet dog grooming, but also on a regular basis for the dog a bath, to remove the dirt from the body. Saint Bernard grooming needs at least 1 times a day, 15 - every time 20 minutes, the dog's body hair comb smooth flow. To give a dog a bath cycle is not so frequent, generally every 1 - in the hot summer To take a bath once 2 weeks, and 2 - in the cold winter 3 weeks to take a bath. Should take a shower first before washing the saint Bernard tools ready, shower gel, towel, hair pet hair dryer, etc. And to saint Bernard a bath shower gel had better choose more doggy, cannot replace users or other pets. The water temperature should be suitable to bathe the dog, in front of the bath can be dog's paw in the water, let the dog dog feel the water temperature, if you don't reject can begin to take a bath. After give the dog dog out of the shower, must be in time with a towel and hair pet pet hair dryer blow dry your cat thoroughly, in order to prevent the dog a cold sick. At the same time should be in the warm indoor to bathe the saint Bernard, cannot in damp, cold, wet, or windy place, in order to prevent the dog catch a cold is ill.
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