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The scientific method to bathe the dog

by:Lingyu     2020-04-28
How can you easily for the dog a bath and let it be happy? Below together to learn about the most scientific method to bathe the dog! Let the dog feel bath is a good thing! No matter what is your dog's age, size, gender, or breed, you have to make it feel a bath is a very happy thing, and realize the shower is it a part of life. Therefore, you need to do two things: 1. Let the dog dog will take a shower like things associated with it. 2. Let it slowly to accept a bath process. How to take a bath with happiness? Many dogs don't like to take a bath, but don't blame them. You know, some dogs don't really like water, and for any chemical smell is very sensitive. So, you need to teach the dog how to go to accept to take a bath, and even enjoy the process of bathing. To solve the secret is to - — It can be like after shower! If your dog know can accept taking a bath, to obtain a new sound toys, delicious jerky, interactive games, or go out to play with the host a circle, bath it will soon be happy to accept it. So, if it can do well to take a shower and get something good, you take a shower work is much more relaxed! You can simply try to do this - — When your dog into the tub, give it a small dried meat or cheese. If dogs don't like water, can be gradually soaked with water dog's coat, then use absorbent towel to help dry it immediately, then took out some toys or snacks to it. You should put the above practices repeatedly, so the dog would understand a bath and happy things are connected, then become calm in the face of it a bath. Bathing learning how want the dog to fall in love with a bath is not easy, we have said before is just some basic common sense, start from here to bathe the dog will be detailed explanation about summer health knowledge. The process of how to make it slowly to accept a bath? Before starting the real bath, take a few days to make it familiar with bath tub, after each carried it into the tub will give it some food, and then carry it out. Then in a few days time to see its open shower shower and flow of water, but now still don't really give a dog a bath, just make it feel feel and sound while taking a bath. After 2 ~ 5 days time to adapt, you can really take a shower for dogs. To take a bath in the whole process, you should pay attention to their own actions and voice, want to keep a dog to relax, you'll have to stay calm, gentle tone, soothing action, and constantly praise your dog's praise. It is important to note that in a bath wash dog's eyes and take extra care when claws, this is the dog dog is very sensitive, do not cause discomfort dogs. If my dog is very small? In fact, the above method also applies to bathe puppy, you can let bath puppy thinks is an interactive game, and in the process of bathing cultivate the habit of combing and check it accepts. In the bath before put it in the tub and play with 3 ~ 5 minutes, finally check its toes, teeth, ears, skin, and finally put it in her arms for a few minutes and praise. Purpose is to let the puppy to understand the behavior and bath is associated with the host's caress.
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