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The use of the comb to comb dog Mao Yong knot method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-17
Some dogs use when want to comb the hair comb drive, the comb is designed for those long-haired dog, special, but also have individual speak hygiene not dog, often running in the outside, their hair was infected with dirt because overweight, and it is easy to kill, this is not the fast knot general comb to comb. This time could use this knot comb, although it is somewhat like the shape of the harpoon, but it's hair is much more sharp, when using master as long as combing their hair into fast knot, can immediately open interface serrated comb my hair. And in order to avoid the misidentification of pet, when using fast mouth open and comb design in the medial, touch less than pet's skin. As the name suggests, primarily for long hair pets have knot of hair play a role. The comb tooth with a metal blade, can will knot of hair cut. Method of use: along the pet comb hair growth direction. In order to avoid the camber to hair too much, please do not reverse. Comb or every other week once a week. Hold the knot of hair, and then set aside part of the comb with open knot comb gently. Don't overexert when encountered scleroma, so as not to break down, pull and should hold the hair root to comb again. Villi meet edge easy to fracture, combing the strength should be measured.
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