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Tips to pet the dog a bath

by:Lingyu     2020-04-19
Wash puppy dog clean and beautiful, it is necessary. Tips to master a few for the puppy dog a bath, can get twice the result with half the effort and love dandle more fun. Puppy dog a bath for 10 days to have a more appropriate, to use pet special bath, bathing frequency will cause the hair removal and skin injuries. 1. Bathing in the room with a comfortable temperature, best first puppy dog messy hair comb again, make it smooth, to avoid the water soaked, intertwined. 2. Will such as pet bath articles for use that wash bath, dry towels, etc. , to reach place, easy to use; Adjust good water temperature, covered up with a mat at the bottom of the tub, avoid puppy dog slip or fall; To avoid water into the puppy dog's ear, can fortress cotton ball in its ears. 3. Wet puppy dog body hair with warm water, the movement wants light, then on its neck week daub bath, gently rub to the body. When clean face can use a sponge or towel to wipe gently with water; Puppy dog legs is the most easy to dirty place, when cleaning can be coated with bath, one by one, clean up. 4. For the puppy dog in the whole body after bath and rub evenly daub, try to keep bath rinse again in a few minutes. If you choose is the prevention and control of fleas and medicine bath, had better keep more than 5 minutes, in order to achieve delousing insecticidal effect. If the dog dog's hair is long or not easy to clean, can daub bath twice. Then, rinse clean it with warm water body shampoo repeatedly, this will make it fur light, no itching of the skin. 5. Wash finished, with the hand holding the dog's neck or back, to prevent it tries to shed the dithering body with water, and the bath towel to wipe it again. And then let go of hand let it free to shaking body, then use towel to wipe it again. 6. Combing the puppy dog hair, until completely dry. Well, a light fluffy fur, lively and lovely puppy dog can go crawling travelling all again!
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