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To bathe the akita matters needing attention

by:Lingyu     2020-04-15
Akitas dogs are like people, need to take a bath regularly to keep your body clean, people have to take a bath considerations, so is the dog a bath. Is below small make up to share the matters needing attention to bathe the akita, let's take a look at. Special scouring agent for akitas shower, wash hair essence to choose special. Do not use human shower gel, shampoo, these products not only dog is unwell, ingredients are not suitable for dogs. Feeding the main considerations dog's fur, hair, length, and choose the suitable wash hair essence. Comb hair method to take a bath before you comb hair, remove the impurity in the hair first, tie the hair comb. Some dirt with wash hair essence can't clean up, and knot also easily because of the water more can't solve. Small parts processing before bath can be appropriately repair hair, a small local clean also should pay attention to. Such as wax cleaning, cut nails, squeeze the anus gland, etc. , can be in the bath or shower before processing. Suitable temperature in the summer water temperature should be in 38 degrees, winter should be over 40 degrees. Don't use overheating too cold water bathe akitas, otherwise it will cause the dog dog is unwell, it is easy to cold water too cold in winter. If the winter cold, also can delay or switch to wipe clean. Winter is optional in the noon. Special considerations for washing to dry hair, many owners in the summer when bathe akitas, want to say that the hot weather is not dry, this is not correct. No matter the winter summer, help the dog dog washes the bath to blow dry, is really finished bathing steps.
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