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To bathe the shiba inu small coup

by:Lingyu     2020-03-30
Want to firewood dog dog a bath, it is always touch, really let a person helpless, is there any small coup? Small make up this will tell you. Small coup a coup: to bathe the firewood dog with ice or water pillow for firewood dog who use this recruit is also many, ice bag is very cheap, a few dollars, not water inside the bag, is a kind of polymer material, can be used many times, and slowly, is best for firewood dog from the frigid zone, but don't let naughty firewood dog bit bag is broken. In fact, to play a role and ice packs the same, there are many ways. Friends said, she put a piece of clean towels soaked, frozen in the fridge and hard after get firewood dog bite a play out. Her firewood dog just right so that it won't be bad, right, also province bite the furniture and has soared. Or you can go to the supermarket to buy a water pillow, inside the filling of cold water, some netizens tried, they love to sleep in the above, much more cool! More economic, pillow, can use hot water bag instead of water, of course, don't pour hot water inside. Compete the imagination. Doctors comments on: ice packs to see under what circumstances, in general, the firewood dog heatstroke can use ice bag, like at ordinary times is not extreme heat, and try to get firewood dog is in natural environment. The coup: belt firewood dog go swimming many owners, under high temperature, drive or take part in the activity, is to go to the lake with his baby happy time. As we like people will feel cool swimming, firewood dog see the water also can become excited. A day later, many owners have harvested a tan and a bedraggled dog. But what does it matter, you happy so I happy. If you have this ability, you can even make firewood dog swimming at home. Buy back a large inflatable swimming pool. Cheer, water, and then they can play with water at home, good appetite you can jump in. Doctors comments: swimming is the nature of firewood dog, also can have the effect of cooling. But should pay attention to during the mother firewood dog estrus, don't take it to swimming, easy to cause infection. 1, will the dog for a walk change time to cool in the morning or evening. 2, to do a small mat, sleep on it will be very cool. 3, firewood dog as in the case of very hot, can use alcohol to wipe the cotton pads, help the heat dissipation. 4, use birdbath some water to make firewood dog play. But should pay attention to blow dry hair pet pet dryer' target='_blank'>hair dryer can use electric fan instead.
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