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To butterfly beauty techniques

by:Lingyu     2020-04-20
Guide language: butterfly itself already has a beautiful appearance, have no breeders in their daily lives to give a lot of beauty and grooming. But the owners are necessary to learn to butterfly beauty techniques, especially to the butterfly beauty of methods and techniques. Below let small make up to you to introduce to the participating butterfly beauty techniques, we go to see ~ butterfly clean wool can promote the dog hair long speed and let a hair look very healthy and beautiful. For butterfly game, when they are not often take part in the game, should take a bath once every 5 to 10 day. 5 days is the best but the most long can not exceed 10 days. Before bath, good grooming, including nail clip, foot hair clip is necessary. Refers to a butterfly must be cut to the appropriate length, but also the dog hair on the floor mat pare off. Sometimes if butterfly hair too fall, the owner can use net wool washing water to remove all residual oil and dirt on the hair. But excessive use of net wool washing water can sometimes cause hair too dry and easily broken. So the owner should choose a suitable and effective method for the dog clean hair. To take a bath in the beauty of butterfly is an important part, a lot of the time it can make your dog looks most beauty is done. Use a good quality wool washing water and conditioner that re-moisturizes is very important. We need wool washing water is best can let a hair clean but will not get hair blow up, won't have too much foam, easy to rinse and let the colour lustre. Strictly speaking, the game level butterfly should be combed with comb handle every day will reduce to the smallest degree, MAO and comb hair to death. If the host doesn't have enough time, then at least once a week to butterfly dog grooming is very necessary. When found the butterfly dogs matted hair, owner must be very careful to minimum cut wool.
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