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To make the puppy beauty tips

by:Lingyu     2020-04-18
Guide language: when to give puppies do beauty what little skill, with these tips, they can give our puppy dog beauty beauty! Below let small make up to introduce the puppy to do beauty tips, you go to see ~ in the puppy to do beauty what little skill, with these tips, they can give our puppy dog beauty beauty! 1. Health nursing fur fur on a regular basis to the health of your dog baby is very important, not only can remove loose dirt and dust coat, prevent the hair tangles, but also can promote the blood circulation, stimulate the skin to produce oil can protect the fur of the fat secretion, improve skin resistance, relieve fatigue. Carefully check skin problems, pay attention to sensitive parts of the hair, inflammation and abnormal. If you find him ( She) Constant feeling itching, this is about to go to see a doctor, let veterinary help you to check. 2. Comb hair comb Mao Yingshun hair comb direction. It is best to first from small start, slowly comb, until combing. Since the former backward, top-down, in turn, the first from the neck to the shoulder, and then, in turn, back, chest, waist and abdomen, the hindquarters, and at last the limbs and the tail, comb the comb side to the other side. If, some hair clumps or knot, failing to combing, need to use scissors to cut open, Be careful not to hurt the skin) 。 When some people to long-haired dog grooming, only on the surface of the comb hair at the end of the long hair and ignored the following ( Fine fuzz) The comb. Dogs at the bottom of the hair, soft and smooth, not for a long time, easy to form entanglement, causes eczema, even ringworm or other skin diseases. The long-haired dog, comb, comb layer by layer, namely the long-haired rolled up, and then to comb the bottom hair. General use first tooth comb and perforated strainer mesh of dredge, reoccupy tooth thin comb. 3. Brush fur started from the head start, slowly brush to tail, and legs. With a wire brush to brush mop. Regular brush fur is of great help to your baby, help protect hair skin secretion, make hair healthy and glossy. In addition, the steel brush brush against the dog hair growth direction, makes the hair fleeciness.
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