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To teddy dog hairdressing method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-18
Teddy naturally likeable, are eager to own a dog friend dog is the most beautiful, give a pet grooming is not so simple thing. Is below small make up share to teddy dog hairdressing method, let's take a look at. Tools/raw material pet dog should not only have clean skins, the symbol of beautiful, silky hair. So do the pet dog grooming pet owners are required to learn things, let pet dogs have a beautiful hair is the pride of the master. Combed wool implement: short-haired dog is usually to comb with the comb wool implement, combed wool implement shape is a rectangle plate fixed with short, curved wire tooth, fitted with a handle. The undercoat is the work of combed wool implement pet dog off underfur comb down. In addition to comb with the comb hair, another important appliance is shearing tools. Pet dog has a wide variety of tools, shearing too professional shearing apparatus must by the professional beautician knife, the general owners usually as long as the scissors and pet dog's nails. Scissors, scissors, it is best to choose the type of terminal assumes the circular blade, so as to avoid accidentally stabbed pet the dog's skin. The function of the scissors is used to trim the eyes, ears, lips, and fine hair around the anus and genitals and soles of the feet. In addition, use scissors to be especially careful not to pet the dog's beard cut off, while pruning can be used with a comb. Method/procedure to teddy dog bathing beauty, can be very good on the skin to remove accumulated old scurfy, summer to teddy bear take a bath once every two weeks, wash once a month is about the same in winter, too frequent bathing is likely to be the dog hair on the oily coating. Pet is special bath, want to choose the special bath contains a variety of special ingredients. To let the bubble bath stay on the dog for a few minutes, the medicinal composition can give full play to the role. Do not use of choose and employ persons anti-dandruff shampoo to bathe the dog lest produce more stimulus, the dog dog dander serious when, had better not use contain kill ticks composition of wool washing bath for them, this kind of product will make the skin more dry. Protect hair spray: if the dog dog living environment is dry, also can cause a large number of patches, might as well use some oily hair spray. After spray on the hair, can avoid the moisture to evaporate faster in the dog's hair. Note to understand the knowledge of these to dog hair, and I do believe you can successfully put our pet dog dress beautiful.
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