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What about the technology used by Lingyu?
The technology used by Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. in manufacturing custom dog crates is developed by ourselves. With years of application, we ensure its advancement and practicality. It tops the listing in the domestic market, thanks to the reduction in material consumption and the increase in production efficiency. Its practicality lies in the use ease. Each operator can quickly master it and use it. We have a plan to register it and patent it and expand its use throughout the industry.

As a rapidly growing enterprise, Lingyu continuously expanding its overseas markets in recent years. Our quality stand dryers for dog grooming enjoys more and more popularity in domestic and overseas markets. pet bed is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. The fabrics of Shenyue&Lingyu elevated pet bed have been tested for conformance to quality standards. They have been checked in terms of Grams per square meter (GSM), Stitches per inch (SPI), and composition. The product is very easy to clean. The product is resistant to oxidation. It is neither prone to react with oxygen in the air nor react with some metal parts. Based on customers' needs, the product can be red, pink, blue, yellow, green, etc.

We take environmental protection seriously. During the production stages, we are making great efforts to reduce our emission including greenhouse gas emissions and handle wastewater properly.
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