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What are the benefits for pet grooming

by:Lingyu     2020-04-18
More and more people choose to keep a pet, then give a pet grooming needs to know what? Follow below small make up together and see it! Welcome to refer to learning, the hope can bring you help! More wonderful content please focus on our graduates edu network! What are some advantages to pet grooming? The following to take stock: a six benefits 1, pet beauty care. Keep pets clean and tidy. Pets is different from the person of the body surface of the body, they wore a suit coat, it is easy to dirty with dust, especially long hair pet, so regular nursing is very necessary; 2. Keep pets away from bacteria, prevent illness. Pet beauty salon for pet care to do more in place, not only in wash comb hair clean and so on, also will be carefully check the pet health, through the details can prevent the diseases of pets may; 3. Maintenance of you and your family's health. Due to dealing with a pet every day, kiss hug, believe that their owners do a lot of. If the pet isn't clean, bacteria can also spread to you and your family, I'm afraid; 4. Can prevent the pet scratch. Dogs and cats fingernails long not cut is a hidden trouble, it could damage your furniture sofa, carelessly may also hurt yourself; 5. Can lower the temperature for pet. Pet hair is too long, it is a hot weather was a hard time, for pets can repair the hair shaved hair make them happily spend the summer; 6. Make the pet more lovely. For pet a fashionable new hairstyle, take it out, you will find that it becomes the focus, all men are like pretty things. Second, pet beauty salon services and prices to a beauty salon for reference: small dogs - — About 80 ~ 100 yuan/times tao ear, pedicure bottom MAO, around the eyes need to trim hair, wash hair, hair drier. If you choose 150 yuan are a full range of beauty services, such as schnauzer, poodle, cocker spaniel, 150 yuan fee includes trim hair services. Large breed - — About 150 yuan/times ( Su Mu, golden retrievers, sled, labrador, etc. ) Pedicure bottom, near the anus and genitals MAO MAO's hair or near eyes need to trim hair, ear cleaning. Edit comment: this is a common service and price. Some high-end services, such as pet SPA care, bath salt, fashion dyeing, foster care and training project. Is various, everything, have a pet beauty salon, lazy owner can save a lot of heart. Three, three considerations of bring pets to beauty parlour, many pet hospital have hairdressing business open, normal pet hospital, their pet beautician will by pet veterinary special professional medical knowledge training. If you find the dog's skin in the process of beauty or some other disease will inform the doctor and master, if the host felt the need, at any time can arrange to see a doctor, very convenient. Second, the professional pet beauty salon, should be equipped with fixed beauty with bathing pool and cosmetic work station. Related equipment to strict disinfection, especially to have skin disease of pet to do hairdressing, disinfection process more strictly to the specific. Pet beautician, under normal circumstances, will be in accordance with the requirements of the master's pet for pruning modelling, some don't mention the specific requirements, can follow season and popular standard for execution.
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