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What are the pet grooming equipment

by:Lingyu     2020-05-03
When as a pet for beauty, beauty salon will have some professional equipment, let us to know! Simple essential equipment: hairdressing, nail file, check blood meal tables and toe JiaQian, pets, bath gloves. Scissors categories: direct shear, cut teeth, small scissors points straight, curved scissors, pet cut electric shave wool implement, professional electric cut with different types of cutter to cut, special cleaning of oil of the cutting tools. Dental equipment: whitening toothpastes, cold light whitening machine, fully automatic electric teeth cleaning device, super light meter, teeth plastic meter. Comb, open knot tools: beautician comb, comb with wooden handle needle, wire comb, comb boundary, nodules, and wool opening water, etc. Professional equipment, drying box, animal hair pet pet hair dryer, constant temperature air conditioning, ultrasound machine, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), dao and laser lithotriptor, etc.
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