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What are the reasons for your cat hair clip foot

by:Lingyu     2020-04-15
In the process of pet cats, we only emphasize on a regular basis for your cat to do beauty. The cosmetic work including the regularly for your cat hair clip foot. Actually to pet cat hair clip foot is not only in order to guarantee the cat beautiful lovely appearance, also is not only to let the cat becomes cleaner. For the cat hair clip foot there are other more important reason. For more lazy or cat is very fat, they own lick the hair will be very inconvenient, so it is easy to cause the cat hair often neglect clean their feet. If the owners don't timely to cat hair clip feet, the cat foot long hair will hide very much dirt. The dirt of hair will be a good place for bacterial growth cat toes and nails, inflammation, serious word will be developed into the 'this' or paronychia, cat action inconvenience or even a limp. For life in the family's pet cat, owner of the floor is wood floor or tile floor, more when cat feet long hair growth, the cat walk or run at home is easy to slip and fall. To avoid this kind of situation producers would require the hair trimmed regularly feet. Because the cat MATS have prevent slippery effect, if the foot hair is too long, a cat in the running process is easy to slip or sprain, may also be the cat ran too late 'brake' into walls or furniture, concussion. Especially in the summer, farmers need more timely for cat hair clip foot. We know that the pet cat's body is not sweat glands, cat sweat glands on the cat MATS, on a hot summer day, the cat will depend on the sweat glands to sweat in order to reduce the temperature of the body. If the hair is too long will stop the sweat glands, easy to cause the cat in heat stroke.
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