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What are the standard butterfly beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-04-13
Modern butterfly is French Renaissance by popular in continental Europe evolved cocker spaniel, because its ear structure like butterfly wings to fly but its wings to the name, which is different from other kinds of the most significant characteristics. So what are the standard butterfly beauty? The following is for reference only! Butterfly butterfly beauty standards: health hair monolayer, silk, fine, fine, rich, elegant and full of elasticity, his chest with a grenade side, back, side of the body and tidy flat, skull, muzzle, legs, front and hind legs freed under dense undercoat, front leg behind top-down sweet bone fetlock, less hind legs Shan department more than silk wool rich and elegant 'culottes'. Ear inside surface have silk tassel fringe, the tail is equipped with a soft feather hairy, foot out short fine fur toes form the lovely small north. To butterfly beauty is relatively easy, as long as according to certain methods, mastering the butterfly beauty standards. Butterfly dog fur is often referred to as quality nylon material, not sticky dust, only a few minutes a day can keep it clean, master also trimmed regularly to dog fur at the bottom of the foot. To butterfly bath when use some children shampoo with high quality, and then on the beauty with blown open, side brush, especially pay attention to the ear. No wastewater residual lag the bath, dry with sterile cotton ball. Experienced butterfly beauty, generally can choose some light oils such as coconut oil, to put it on the ear tassel and ear or body, can make the butterfly shows superior performance in the pageant. Including the beauty or some special occasions, butterfly dogs need a thorough 'dry washing'. For the owner to butterfly beauty to timely, but beauty is not excessive, appropriate to the pet dog beauty, it is very important to master the butterfly beauty standards.
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