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What are the tools of commonly used pet grooming

by:Lingyu     2020-05-04
Sometimes give pet grooming doesn't have to go to the pet shop, if just some simple work, they can do, and why do you take the money, and these tools are relatively not very easy to get trouble. Therefore in peacetime can bring some simple tools, their work for a dog with some simple. 1. Defeathering knife canine special tools, on a regular basis, the dogs will be in a state of beautiful hair, it can pull out dead hair, accelerate the metabolism of hair cycle, make hair horniness, in accordance with the requirements of the hair of a dog. Dogs usually demand hard coat, but due to the different distribution location, MAO's thickness is different, so pay attention to the lovers will be a suitable tool, implementation of various parts of the beauty. Such as schnauzer dog will use defeathering knife tools, make the backpack to grow better. 2. The role of the blower hair pet pet hair dryer was to make the hair is dry, integer ( Straighten) Use. Pet coat of several times more than a human hair, in order to accelerate the drying time, can be used pet special large blower, its design is a big air volume low thermal but due to the high prices, is only applicable to professional beauty workers, soon in a common family, household hair pet hair dryer can be applied. Some dogs may feel afraid for the sound of a pet hair dryer, so should let them to adapt as soon as possible. 3. Absorbent pads used to blot moisture coat after shower. Some owners because working reason often may not be able to do cleaning towel, and towel with a suction sponge, is convenient to many. It is small in size, water quantity is big, and reusable and easy to clean, so it is a pet grooming supplies. Durable good absorbent pads requirements: high shrinkage expansion ratio. Smooth surface does not hurt. Resistance to twist. Not easy to mildew is often wet condition. 4. Fixed using rubber band ligation. Beauty of paper, stationary, bowknot, bun, coat, etc, and the stock cosmetic modelling, bundle are required to use different sizes of rubber band, commonly used commonly is about 7, 8 extra small users are mostly aim at dog show professional beautician. Categories: regardless of size, to material has the following two kinds of classification. Latex: not sticky hair, not paper, but is a bit poor flexibility. Rubber: good elasticity, low price, but the sticky hairs. 5. Mask: a lot of dogs are afraid to take a bath, so even if the host is also difficult to make them calm down, in order to own safety mask is a must-have item. Timid or cruel pet personality, for the touch of a stranger, may be rejected by tension or the spirit of revolt, in order to complete beauty, to this kind of dogs wear masks quite necessary. Masks categories: all kinds of products with fixed muzzle as the main design, only cats are (even with eyes covered, Nylon fabric products) The following in accordance with the material classification. Iron: strong, but bulky and easily rub. Nylon fabric system: strap with Velcro, light to use, but not durable. Leather: durable but I can't quickly fixed strap, with long have peculiar smell. Plastic: with insteae type strap, with smooth, hard surface is not easy to break, easy to clean a good mask request: it does not hurt the pet, easy to buckle, not easy to fall off, easy to clean. In addition hemostatic forceps, dogs with nails, razor are essential tools at ordinary times, ready to these, we can own for dogs do some relatively simple beauty. Reading this article people also read: beauty tools
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