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What considerations for pet grooming

by:Lingyu     2020-04-10
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. What pet grooming attention? Below is a small make up to share information, let's take a look at. Bathe the dog should take a bath every four to eight weeks if your dog is less than eight weeks, for it was in the shower before should first ask your vet, because they are very easy to catch a cold or is sensitive to certain beauty products. And every time before bathe the dog grooming, because if the hair has a knot, wet water will only be bound more tightly. Masters of dogs should be chosen for wool washing water and protect hair liquid, but the latter is not required. Before washing can be for the dog first drops on some eye ointment, this can help to protect their eyes. Remember to put the foam liquid thoroughly clean, because if the residue on the skin to make the dog allergies. Because the dog is very easy to catch a cold, want to use ram to help it blow dry hair. Before not completely dry, do not let it out. Combing every few days to help the dog to comb a hair, of course, but also depends on the length of the different dog coats. Carding can help the dog untie the knots on the coat, balance skin oil secretion and remove dead skin, of course you can also through the time and the dog relationships with each other. After take the dogs home, to make it as soon as he used to comb hair, so in the future it will regard it as a part of life. Long-haired dog such as Afghan hound dog and the angels and Lhasa will need daily grooming to keep its shape. The golden retriever and blower, dogs can be one or two weeks to comb again. In addition, the comb and brush used will vary depending on the different dog breeds. Some grooming gloves and soft brush glue will be used for the hair soft dog, long-haired dog with a comb. Before start to comb from the dog's head, then the ear, chest and front foot, then to the back, sides, belly and hind feet, then its tail. Every time the comb comb bit by bit, do not too strong. Wash a bath once a week to help the dog ears ears with some cotton ball dipped in cleaning fluid for its ears. Some long ear dog kind of bent frame such as poodles and dogs need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the ear, keep it clean, tasteless, and pink. Nails eight weeks old puppy wants every other month to help it cut a nail cutting bit by bit at a time, if use the dog nail clippers help cut the dog might be too big, can use to people. As in the dog walking 'clicking, clicking' voice to be heard, and say it's nails are too long, the host will immediately to help it cut, steps are as follows: a. Holding the dog's hand. b。 The thumb hold the dog's hand and fingers are in below. c。 With one hand holding a nail clippers, fast and accurate cut, do not hesitate. d。 If accidentally cut bleeding, with some check blood meal for 30 seconds or until the hold down the stop the bleeding.
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