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Where is Lingyu located?
Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. is located in a convenient location that not only minimizes our cost per unit but also promotes the orderly growth of our company. Please see the "Contact Us" page for details. The dog crate manufacturer's address is affected by the type of product material used, production and distribution costs. The transportation here is convenient, and we warmly welcome customers to visit our company and factory.

After years of dedication in manufacturing hydraulic dog grooming table, Lingyu now becomes a pioneer in this industry and enters the international markets. pet dryer is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. Specific tests have been conducted on Shenyue&Lingyu hydraulic dog grooming table. These tests include tensile and tear strength testing, abrasion resistance testing, dimensional stability testing, stain resistance testing, etc. The product is applicable to pets such as rabbits, dogs, and cats. This product can last for a long time. Its surface is coated with protective substances to prevent exterior chemical corrosion. The shapes and sizes can be customized based on the sizes of the pet.

In the future, we will keep precisely grasping customer challenges and precisely delivering them the right solution based on our commitments. Check it!
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