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Winter dog beauty knowledge

by:Lingyu     2020-05-25
Dog's pet grooming way is different because the season will have the appropriate change. In the winter to the dog dog beauty to note, because winter dog beauty can't like summer, need to pay attention to the warm working dog, give the dog a bath also cannot too frequent, accidentally will let the dog dog has a cold, so winter beauty how our pet dogs do? Let's look at the winter come from the following five dogs beauty knowledge. 1, master bath for dog, want to choose more moist nature of wool washing water, then add conditioner that re-moisturizes, was like after we wash hair conditioner to nourish the hair. Help wash dog and wipe dry behind, the host will use wind strong ram for dogs then blow dry hair, dry hair not let them on their own, in order to avoid accidentally 'kiss' cold catch a cold. The use of ram should pay attention to the use of warm wind, and the dog's fur to ninety percent dry, if use the wind too hot and the hair one thousand one hundred percent dry, moist before work will be wasted. After being dry maomao, owner can comb for dogs of the modelling of a beautiful beautiful. 2, clip toe is jealous, don't think that the dog's feet, dark all day long without notice, if a dog's toe nails and hair is too long, not only affect the appearance, there is also a danger, the walking because toe hair is too long, will be walking instability, and easily slipped. 3, nails cut white lace, if a man will nails too meat bleed, dogs, as well as their toenail close position inside the blood vessels and nerves of the meat. So, when the owner for the dog's nails, can only cut the white part, if not carefully cut into the pink areas lead to bloodshed, check blood meal for dogs in the bleeding. In addition, to help the dog after cut nails, best for the dog file file toenails, that dog won't accidentally scratched himself and master. 4, trim the fart fart hair, beautiful dress up as a full set of best, not 'guanyin head broom foot', so the dog will also consider the. If the hair is too long on the fart fart, not only looks messy, urine is also easy to stick to 'poop' into 'bad dog', so need time for dogs nap cut near the anus. 5, use clean ear fluid to clean the ear canal, the dog dog ears need often clean, but the structure of the dog's ears with people, pay special attention to when the master is clean. First before the dog a bath, for a dog with cotton buds will wax dug a shallow, as for the deep wax, usable clean ear water or clean ear powder as a helper. In the winter, give a dog pet grooming to note that the dog winter winter weather is dry, protect hair trilogy not particularly easy to human scalp, the dog will have this case, and the peeling area is not limited to the head, but the whole body, serious will walk while 'jilt skin', quite embarrassed, also greatly affect the handsome appearance of the dog.
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