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Winter dog hair care right way

by:Lingyu     2020-05-12
As the weather becomes colder, owners give the dog a bath time interval and the longer the delay. In winter, however, although not often give dog a fragrant bath to nurse hair, but their owners for the dog hair care is still essential. Is below small make up for everybody finishing winter dog hair care right way, welcome to reference ~ winter dog hair care right way for the dog, the knot of hair care can not only prevent their hair, and make them every day with a bright and smooth hair go out, also can promote their blood circulation, good health. But, like human hair easy to dry in the winter, electrostatic, and so on, a dog's hair is as easy to dry, broken in the winter, is very fragile. Dog's hair, however, as they are an important weapon against cold in winter, if the owners do not take good care, so the dog will also have a not happy in winter. In addition, if home keep of is a long-haired dog, bad hair not only damaged the image of a dog, still can make plenty of hair of the dog fell off at home. So, how can the winter correct nursing dog's hair? First of all, the owners want to make sure good to dog grooming cycle. In general, short-haired dog comb a two to three times per week is enough, the long-haired dog, combing every day will be needed. In order to be able to in the carding process more smoothly, owners can use first before combing hair pet pet hair dryer to blow this dog's coat, and then let the dog on the ground, and in order to let the dog warm some, owners can cushion below a plush cushions. Second, the owners will be depending on the type of family dog to choose to suit their combs, like a long-haired dog, you need that kind of long to clear dead hair with the comb. Because only choose the most suitable comb, owners will be able to at the time of comb reach twice the result with half the effort. And for a wide variety of dog hair comb on market, if the owners don't know exactly what kind of a comb is the most suitable for their own dogs, can ask before you buy a pet beautician or veterinary, etc. Then, at the time of carding, owners want to dogs first knot of hair smooth, then the whole body hair comb. It is important to note that the owners don't dog hair comb through hard, and want to flush after comb again, because the dog's hair and human hair, after washing wet, will be more difficult to comb. So, for it would be very difficult for us to comb hair, owners would rather choose to cut off. Finally, at the time of carding, owners should follow a criterion, that is the first from the head of a dog began to comb, comb and then gradually to the dog's tail, comb carding direction should be from the root of the outside. If you don't follow the rules, so in the process of combing, it would be easy to stimulate to the dog's skin, let the dogs don't feel well, so don't cooperate with master card. In after combing the dog the whole hair, owners of dogs even a few dead skin and remove dead hair, to let the dog's hair is in a state of the most healthy. If dogs are in the process of combing appear the phenomenon of revolt, owners must remember to praise your dog, and constantly give dogs some sugar-coated cannonball, in this way, they will cooperate with the combing work.
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