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Winter dog skin and hair care

by:Lingyu     2020-04-11
Winter dog skin will be dry, how do you care? Below small make up to introduce the winter dog skin and hair care method, the hope can help you! Daily care 1, keep the dog body clean dry dog skin care, cleaning is the first step, we should keep the dog body clean and dry, to the largest extent, prevent the happening of the dog skin disease. In general, the dog must be properly cleaning, once a week in summer, winter once every two weeks, and dry in a timely manner. 2, choosing the right bath products, alkaline cleaning fluid is easy to damage the dog skin oil layer, make the skin in a fragile state, so we should choose the pet special cleaning fluid, no stimulation or children with bath dew, etc. , try not to use the functions of adult with bath dew. 3, regularly check the dog skin dog skin often is in a state of concealment, if we don't check is don't know the dog's skin condition, in order to prevent the happening of the dog's skin, we should regularly check the dog's skin, healthy skin should be smooth and clean, no inflammation and dander. Related treatment 1, the use of parasite functions of bath products, if found that dogs are due to lice, fleas scratch dermatitis caused by, we can through the use of parasitic resistance function of bath products to treat the skin disease of dogs. After a bath to blow dry in a timely manner. 2, antifungal drugs if the dog skin disease was caused by fungal infection, mild can use antibiotic ointment to wipe, serious must take corresponding antifungal pills or injections. 3, adjust the allocation of dog skin nutrition may also be caused by uneven nutrition collocation of certain nutrients deficiency, at that time, we should consult a physician, adjust the dogs eat at ordinary times, and the corresponding strengthening exercise.
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